A culinary garden walk:

Learn to understand the forest and how the locals have survived from what the forest can provide. What tastes good, what cures sickness, what is eatable and what may hurt you? Follow us plucking wild vegetables, fruits and herbs. If interested join us prepare all the ingredients for dinner.



Maybe you prefer to spend the day in the jungle and experience the wild. There are many sorts of plants, trees and animals to be seen along the way, just keep your eyes alert. We got a few different trails to choose about, both easy and more challenging. There are also caves along some of the trails that can be explored.



A relaxing and nice way of experience the jungle while slowly floating down Sarawak river. There’s a good chance of spotting Kingfishers, Eagle, Monitor lizards and other animals from the kayak if you’re not making to much noise. The trip starts further upstream and ends up in Kpg Semadang, Liza’s home village. A modern Bidayuh village with about 200 villagers. A 4-5 hours trip (easy paddling) including lunch and transfer. If interested let us know in advance so that we can arrange with the kayak company (not us) and book the trip.


Longhouse tour and Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre: 

The feeding time for the Orangutans is 09.00am to 10.00am and we need to leave KuraKura Homestay at 07.45am. If interested to do Semenggoh only or the Longhouse only we can arrange that as well.

(Semeggoh only can be done on the way to Kuching on departure day if interested)


Waterfall and longhouse tour: 

Spend the day at a hidden waterfall in the middle of the jungle, where we can swim, relax, sunbath and enjoy our lunch. About 1 hour drive from Kpg Semadang (our village) and a short walk (about 25min) through the jungle there’s a beautiful waterfall surrounded by nature only. 

On the way we will stop at Annah Rais Longhouse, a touristy but yet a real longhouse. The people here is used to visitors and with an relaxed atmosphere it’s quite pleasant to walk around and learn about Bidayuh culture.

Because of the road condition up the mountain and the danger of flash floods, this trip depend on the weather and will not always be doable.